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shameless plug

Just in case anyone besides my sister ever reads this (Hi sis!), I must shamelessly promote my other blog (no, I am not a compulsive procrastinator, why do you ask?):

*edit: HAHAHA I just noticed that the title previously said “shamless”, not “shameless”- which totally reminds me of the Buffy Thanksgiving episode, where she was trying to get the Scoobies into the spirit of the holiday, and Willow was complaining about the harming of the native people by the Pilgrims (possibly related to how Xander had the funny syphilis), and Willow said that Thanksgiving was a sham, and Buffy said, “OK, so it is a sham….it’s a sham with yams.  It’s a yam sham.”   HAHA I crack myself up!


I can’t believe this…

I just saw this on the home page- Nancy Pelosi is ridiculous. First of all, I agree with some of the comments on the CNN site, this reeks of China. Second, “birth control” does not have to mean pumping women full of pills or handing out condoms right and left. It’s entirely possible to affect family size using Natural Family Planning, and NOT have to use chemicals and condoms. Not to mention that it’s NONE of the government’s business.

*edit: while I am still annoyed with Pelosi, shortly after I posted this, it was reported that President Obama, in the throes of common sense, asked the House to remove this portion of the economic stimulus package, and it was.  Still- THE NERVE!!


I have decided to just pick a team. After years of loving the sport, but not having “a team” to root for.  

I can not just pick any team. It has to be a team that I have a reason to like, right? My hometown team…? NO! I have my reasons. My sister’s team? Nah. My buddy’s team? Well….OK so at least they are a good team, but…. I can’t just be a follower, can I?

So, I now reveal my chosen team: the Pirates! Wooo! (and you thought it was going to be football, didn’t you?)