I’m not sure how I feel about Twitter.  On one hand, it’s cool- anyone can be informed that you had eggs for breakfast, even before you have finished them.  On one hand- who would care?  Not to mention the vast amount of tweets that get sent from most users.

I signed up over a year ago, followed some people on my phone for a while, then decided I did *not* need to get texts from NPR about the presidential race at any time of day, much less 2 in the morning. (note: I have since figured out how to stop that, but…still….)  I also didn’t send many of my own tweets, wasn’t sure what to say or when to say it (there’s so much to pick from in a day…).  But I was watching the Colbert Report today and he mentioned Twitter, and before I knew it I had frittered away nearly 2 hours messing around on the web.  *sigh*

I guess it could be useful- if you are a true news junkie, for example, and I’ve heard that some college professors use it for their classes- maybe this is one of those things that I need to be a little younger to really “get”?

Anyway, I’ll go ahead with the shameless plug: here I am on Twitter! (also there’s a link on the right of this blog, just scroll down….)


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