unnaturally calm?

Today I was told by a co-worker: “You know, for someone who’s getting married in a month, you’re awfully calm.”

I think this is kind of funny.  I mean, why *not* be calm?  It’s a big event. I’m super excited, sure- but I don’t see much to get all worked up about.  Lots of things to be planned, but all of that has pretty much been taken care of at this point.  (A MONTH!! SQUEE!!!)

Ahem.  So, in my current calm state, I thought I would share 3 blogs which have aided in my sanity as I have been planning this for the last 6 months. I tried to pick a representative post from each, and I think that even if you’re not about to get married, they can be interesting.

Here’s an idea for an alternative gift registry from Meg at A Practical Wedding.

Next, Sarah from My Catholic Wedding- a post from a while ago that reminds me of what I also learned at my own wedding prep classes: my job as a married person is to get my husband to heaven, and vice versa.  (He’s really got his work cut out for him, by the way…)

And- the first wedding website I found where other similarly sane brides gather: the lovely Offbeat Bride.  This post shows the talents of one bride who makes GORGEOUS button bouquets, which I seriously coveted for a few months of my planning process.  I ultimately decided to go with real flowers because so many people were freaked out by such a non-traditional choice.  Plus, custom bouquets = expensive!  Oh well.  Perhaps I could get one for an anniversary or something.


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