flashmob favorites

Yesterday on Twitter, I saw this from @feliciaday:

RT: @drtiki Best flashmob ever: Hammer Pants Dance http://bit.ly/xOHsk (via: Crispin Hands) I love this so much!

9:53 PM Jun 5th from web

And the link led to this wonderful web goodness:

(the best/worst part is that  know all the words…I blame it on my sister, she had the album…and for a similar reason, I know all the words to the NYKOTB’s “Have a Funky, Funky, Christmas”, which still haunts me to this day…and it will haunt you too, if you click on the link.)

So, I investigated other interesting flashmobs (see the Wikipedia entry if you are unfamiliar) and here are a few of my favorites.

This one doesn’t have dancing, darn it, but the stupefied reactions of my fellow Americans make it worthwhile:

Next, an advertisement but still cool. I especially love the random people that join in (they don’t look to me like they are part of the gig).

Finally, the mother of all flashmobs and proof that anything involving the Sound of Music has gotta be cool:


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