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is it Friday already?

Well, last week I did 7 Quick Takes for the first time, it was fun, and I figured I would do it again, if only because it gets this blog updated!  Happy Friday all!

1 – I have been meaning to post this anyway: RIP Super Herman.  Super Herman is the second hermit crab we have lost this summer (perhaps the excitement of the wedding was too much for them?).  It has been said by some of my very good friends that we are a little too attached to our hermits and perhaps we should get a dog or a child….well until then, we can’t help but be attached to our little climbing crustaceans!  *sniff*.  I wrote about the hermit crabs here, but since then “Elmo Herman” had become “Super Herman” and looked like this when he passed on:

Super Herman

2 – Going camping soon, YAY!  Hubby and I have not been camping since July 4 of last year, when it rained terribly and we were miserable.  We have a new tent and he has a new sleeping bag, which I might add were both purchased for the TOTAL price of $1.57 due to excellent use of coupons on my part and a gift card on my hubby’s part.

3 – The apartment is now in order!  Also yay.  However, packing for camping has thrown it into another mildly disordered state….sigh.

4 – I hope I don’t jinx it by posting it, but…I did find a teaching job advertised in my discipline this week and of course I applied for it.  We shall see. I didn’t think it would be this difficult finding a job, being a teacher and all.  I still have about a month until school starts here, so I am fairly hopeful still.

5 – This week’s simple pleasure: Rock Band.  My hubby and I have formed a band (it’s called Spores, Molds n Fungus, and that’s a Ghostbusters reference, props to you if you get it) and we are currently on a world tour headed to San Francisco.  If you haven’t played, try it!  It’s fun and even I, as a lifelong woodwind player, can manage the guitar on “medium” difficulty pretty well.  Hubby is a music major, so he is ridiculously talented and can play whatever instrument he wants.  (Although my brother in law is the best Rock Band drumset player I have seen to date.)

6 – Facebook was interesting this week.  One of my favorite priests, Father Leo, who has a mission with a website (Grace Before Meals), and who was one of the priests assisting with our Pre-Cana classes, and who was one of the priests at my confirmation during Easter Vigil 2009 – joined Facebook! Yay!  And I caught up with a lot of old friends via the posting of some more wedding pictures and random coincidences.

7 – Let’s end with something funny.  I found this post a while ago on a new-to-me blog I started reading because of this awesome post entitled “How to Meet and Woo a Nerdy Girl”.  Anyway, the first link is to Nerd Man of the Month for July (btw my next post in the series Hot Men of Science will be making an appearance soon!), Alan Rickman, and it’s priceless, you MUST listen to the Family Guy clip at the end.  “Do not disappoint me...”  It gets me every time!


7 Quick Takes…

Lately, with being unemployed (yes, still!) and all, I have been able to catch up on the blogs I read.  One of them is Conversion Diary, which is a lot of fun to read especially as a Catholic convert myself.

Anyway, Jennifer does something on Fridays called “7 Quick Takes” which I have always enjoyed reading, and today decided to join in on!  Here goes…

1. Again, love that I have had time to catch up on my Internet addictions.  What with being on the honeymoon, and moving, and my sister visiting, and getting used to being married (What? I can’t spend all my free time on my laptop while watching NCIS, now that I am married?  No one told me that!?)– I haven’t had much time.  One blog that I have been enjoying now that I am an official military spouse is Spouse Buzz.  I doubt it’s that interesting if you are not military affiliated, but I am soaking it all up.

2. One more cool internet thing and then I will change topics, I promise.  Being away from my RSS reader for 2 weeks showed me that there are only a few things on there that are really *that* interesting to me. One of them being Wil Wheaton’s Twitter account.  Yes, to the outside eye I may seem mildly obsessed, seeing as how his blog is linked in my sidebar, and I just posted a link to something he posted on his blog, and now I am talking about his Twittering– but let’s face it, the man is funny.  And he was Wesley Crusher once upon a time, and once upon that same time I was a huge Trekkie so…don’t judge me.

3. For anyone who is still reading…hubby woke me up at 7:30 to PT with him (Physical Training for those of you non-military).  We rode our bikes at the park and it was awesome.

4. I miss Oakley Princess.  Oakley Princess is a dog.  My sister’s dog, and they were both visiting this week.  I would post a pic, but I am on hubby’s computer and pics of Oakley are on my laptop.  So you will all have to wait in suspense to see her…now I want my own dog! I know better than to ask to borrow Oakley.  (Oh, and I miss my sister too.  Hi sis!)

5. I hate geese.  Is hate too strong a word?  I don’t think so. Our apartment is near the pond, and the geese are rampant.  You can’t even walk around the pond because it’s impossible to dance through the goose poop.  ARGH.

6. So far the hardest thing about being married is remembering to say “ours” instead of “mine.”  That seems selfish when I read it, but hey, I have been saying “mine” for 31 years so I think a few weeks of transition are allowed in this case.

7. Today, I have been married for 3 weeks!  So far, it’s been heavenly, and I expect that to continue.  I love my husband and I love being married to him.  🙂


Found this priceless video on Wil Wheaton’s blog so I will just link to it.

Apparently I need to re-watch me some Next Gen- I don’t remember all the Picard dancing. Some great quotes in there, though- There are 4 lights! Make it so! Awesome.