Hot Men of Science: Round 2

I apologize for the absence of another entry in this series, especially since my 2 buddies who helped me come up with the concept have been anxiously waiting, so…drumroll, please……….!

Our next “Hot Man of Science” is actually two men.  It’s Adam and Jamie from Mythbusters!

Adam and Jamie

Now, nerdy and geeky women have always had a soft spot for these two mischief-makers.  Speaking as a scientist, I can tell you that we love the Mythbusters because of their use of the scientific method when testing myths.  They make sure that there are controls, and they test all the variables separately (to the best of their ability).  I love it! (P.S. If you are not a Discovery Channel nerd like myself, read all about their show and what they do here.)

Everyone has their favorite Myths that have been tested by the team…one of mine is the whole episode of Shark Myths based on “Jaws”– I show that one to my Marine Science classes all that time. In fact, my co-teacher was going to try and make a “Sha-rammer” one summer so that we could use it to decorate our classroom, but it just wasn’t meant to be.

Another great one is the recent episode where Jamie flew with one of the Blue Angels (U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron- GO NAVY!). Actually, I can’t even remember what myth they were testing there, it was so entertaining…(edit: I looked it up, and it’s testing if a sonic boom can break glass.)  Check out the video “Savage Test Flight” (warning – as is usual with the Mythbusters, there are many gratuitous “cookie-tossing” scenes, as they put it).

Lastly, for the total Mythbusters geeks, here is a website that lists all the outcomes of their tests. And they have many!



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