7 quick takes

Yay!  It’s Friday again, time to update the ol’ blog.  Again, this comes to you courtesy of Jennifer at Conversion Diary.  I feel like mine are a little boring this week, so sorry folks! I will try to get a more exciting life going soon.

1 – Yay! It’s Friday!  I have a mystery date with my hubby tonight.  We are going to dinner then….?  I have not been told where Phase II is- exciting!

2 – Went to a workshop/class designed for new military spouses today, which was very informative and I met a lot of great spouses.  Really thankful that I could attend, and for all the volunteers who made it happen.

3 – Our place is *almost* completely organized, huzzah!

4 -I have been struggling with my TV addiction this week….sigh…it’s so hard for me to resist when I am at home with no job.

5 -Hooray for rain- we are having a drought right now in much of the East Coast, and where I live, there has been a good soaking rain/thunderstorm every night this week.

6 -Next week I will be able to get together with some of my friends and family who I haven’t seen since I got married.  I am really looking forward to it and thankful for the opportunity.

7 – I just found out – through Facebook, no less – that John Hughes died!  Yes, that John Hughes – Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, does-Barry-Manilow-know-you’ve-raided-his-wardrobe, THAT John Hughes.  (side note to readers: I am a rather huge Barry Manilow fan, and why yes, that is a bit unusual for a thirtysomething science teacher, and you wanna make something of it?)

So, here’s a bit of my favorite of his, The Breakfast Club (my 2nd favorite is Pretty in Pink)…this one always makes me smile!


One response to “7 quick takes

  1. I heard that he died today, too!

    Be careful that you’re TV addiction doesn’t become an Internet addiction…

    Let us know about Phase II.

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