random bits…and indignation

First, I have gotten myself all fired up by writing a quick review of a book I just read.  It was supposed to be about the legend of the origin of the Assateague Island wild ponies, and it was so not.  My review is on LibraryThing.  Consider it a PSA for those who want to know about these ponies and might mistakenly pick up this book thinking it has some useful information.

Second, I have run across some real gems on the web lately and would like to share.

In the category of cool science:

– A woman is pregnant.  Two times, two babies in one womb.  It’s just that they were conceived 2 weeks apart!  Cool huh?

– Here’s a nice post from the Marine Life Encounters Blog. Video and pictures of a recent dive in Bonaire.  So neat.  Particularly the flounder spawning, especially if you have never seen how they swim.

In the category of What Were They Thinking When They Came Up With That Title?:

– I love Discover magazine and their blogs, which dispense science in bite-sized bits for those of us too lazy/too busy/too poor to read journals, but come on.  This title caught my eye (of course!): Jell-O Shots in Adolescence Lead to Gambling Later in Life.  Weird, huh?  Well, all it is is a synopsis of a study showing that rats who consume alcohol at an early age display more risk-prone behavior than those that don’t.  First: DUH, and second: Why not just say that?  The more you make science appear deceptive, the more people don’t understand it, don’t want to fund it, and ignore it at their own peril.  Sigh.

In the category of Yet Another Cool Thing on You Tube that Applies to only a Small Portion of the Population, aka nerds:

– Here is a video of some guys singing.  Trust me, it’s cool.  If I type what it really is, you probably won’t click.  Just give it a chance.  🙂


One response to “random bits…and indignation

  1. I don’t know If I said it already but …This blog rocks! I gotta say, that I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks, 🙂

    A definite great read..Jim Bean

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