time, time, time…

…has really been getting away from me! I have this list of all these things I wanted to post, but they are still in list form.  I have, however, been really productive around the house- making Christmas presents and baking.  Yesterday alone I made pumpkin bread, corn bread, and brownies!  Just because I can!  Today I have to make cookies because my hubby re-enlisted in the Navy today, and we were apparently supposed to feed everyone. Oops.  I blame it on being a new military spouse- there should be a handbook for this stuff!

Anyway, here’s one thing that has been keeping me busy:  I now also blog over at Blue Star Families, under the name of “proud navy spouse” (partly ’cause I haven’t been able to figure out how to get it to say my name- I am new, after all).  Here is a link to my latest post, and look for another one to come soon.

And, just because it’s what I do- here is yet another cool thing I found on the web.  “Bobby McFerrin makes a keyboard out of people.”  (For those of you who were wondering what he’s been up to…)



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