“bizzare” science roundup and 5 other quick takes

I found 2 interesting science-related news bits yesterday and they both happened to start with the word “bizarre.”  One really fits the bill, and I think the other is a bit of an exaggeration.  And I thought, while I’m at it, I haven’t done 7 quick takes in a while, and it’s Friday, so courtesy of Jen at Conversion Diary, here goes!

1 – First, the truly strange: Octopuses were seen carrying coconuts to use as shelters. I actually found out about this a few weeks ago, because I volunteer at the local aquarium and someone posted a newspaper article about this very thing.  I don’t know what’s stranger, though: that the octopuses seen actually found and transported 2 coconut halves and then constructed a hidey-hole, or that the newspaper reported it before the internet.

2 – Second, not as strange but more of a “cool science” news item: a complex compound found only in a certain sea sponge has finally been synthesized by scientists.  I appreciate the work that went into this, especially as someone who barely passed organic chemistry.

3 – The weather here is finally what they tell me is seasonal for this area and this time of year.  After a week of being in the 30’s, it’s back to the 50’s and sunny and mild, so I finally got to go out and take a walk.  Hooray!

4 – I am addicted to yet another talk radio show- this time it’s a local one, which I only heard because 99% of the time my radio is tuned to the NPR station here.  It’s Hear Say with Cathy Lewis, and it’s a great source of local news in my area.  In fact, after listening to today’s show, I may go out and learn myself to knit!

5 – Allergies really stink. I have been a victim for the past week or so, and it’s no fun.  I usually get them in the fall, so this bout took me by suprise.  Plus everyone thinks I have a cold, but I don’t.

6 – Happy news, my psych Season 3 DVD arrived recently!  Yay!  Just in time to catch up for the upcoming season.

7 – I totally stole this one from Jen, and it’s my favorite (so far) legitimate way of raising money for Haiti, and all it takes is missing one meal! It’s called Fast for Haiti.


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