Monthly Archives: March 2011

10 Facts About Me and My Better Half

Inspired by Betty Beguiles!

1 – We met online and I almost didn’t return his interest because he looked so *angry* in his profile photo.  Later, he said, “I thought I looked great! That was my sexy face.”

2 – We got engaged after dating for only 11 months, but we were “older” (31) so there was no time to waste!  🙂

3 – He is the reason I am Catholic now. And all he did was say, “Would you like to go to Mass with me?”

4 – We like almost all the same foods.  And he (claims to) love everything I cook.

5 – We both enjoy making fun of silly movies, mostly from the 80’s of course.  (a recent example: Red Dawn.  Patrick Swayze + Jennifer Grey, communists, guerrilla warfare, high school kids.  Strange and mesmerizing, and really cheesy to boot!)

6 -We got engaged while we were Christmas tree shopping.

7 -We had a honeymoon baby, or close enough anyway.  😀  She arrived a mere 10 months after our wedding and has been the best thing we’ve ever done.

8 -On our second date, we discovered that we both want to live on a farm someday. (I grew up on one, and he grew up near his grandpa’s.)

9 -He watches the baby in the mornings on those days when I *really* need it, without being asked.  And I get to sleep in.  Bliss.

10 – Our song is “We’ve Only Just Begun” by the Carpenters.  Love it!