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Book Review: What the Church Teaches About Sex

I recently started reading What the Church Teaches About Sex: God’s Plan for Human Happiness, by Robert L. Fastiggi.  I was interested in the book because I am a new Catholic and just about to get married (in 7 days, in fact!).  Also, from my perspective, the Church’s teachings have been much maligned and are fairly complicated, so I figured this book would clear some things up.

The foreward is by Dr. Janet E. Smith, who has a really good CD called “Contraception: Why Not?” that I got from my NFP class.  She does a nice job of outlining the book and explaining who the author is and where he is coming from.

The book itself is very informative. The author has a lot of background research to support his writing, from the Catechism, papal writings, etc.  It is fairly dry- I will admit that I had trouble getting through it and could only read a few pages a day.  It’s pretty dense reading and almost feels like a textbook. However, I did find it more understandable than say, Christopher West’s Theology of the Body, which I have tried to get through but is still very confusing to me.

The author includes a lot of great quotes from other sources such as this one from Pope Paul VI, that married love establishes a trust between partners that

“enables them ‘to grow, so that husband and wife become in a way one heart and one soul…'”

Also, he does a good job of explaining that pesky term, concupiscense, which I heard in RCIA, Pre-Cana classes, and in Theology of the Body, but didn’t quite get until I read this book.

Overall, this is a good book, and it gives you the information that you would expect, but I don’t think it’s an easy read.

This review was written as part of the Catholic Book Reviewer program from The Catholic Company. Visit The Catholic Company to find more information on What the Church Teaches About Sex.

2 things…

1. Parody of the ipod commercials from the American Papist blog…pretty funny.

2. My favorite chef has been making lots of media appearances.  (The 3rd video posted is from ABC news- I tried that recipe and it was pretty good, although my favorite is still the Bourbon Barbeque Salmon!) If you haven’t checked out Father Leo and Grace Before Meals…he is INCREDIBLE!  (also he was one of the priests at my confirmation…AWESOME.)

Soul Wow!

This is too funny not to share…

irony from the Vatican!

So, apparently, this dude goes to the Vatican conference on evolution in order to….argue against evolution.  Funny, especially if you are one of those people who thinks the Catholic Church does not “agree with” the Theory of evolution.  As a science teacher and convert to the Church, that was a big relief for me, by the way.

Link is here (see below for the ARGH part):

Also, the new Safari (I think it’s version 4) does not like the link button on wordpress. I’m trying to give Safari a shot, but there are 3 main things I don’t like (and if you know how to fix them, please tell me! I am a new Mac user and some of it might be my own ignorance…):

1. when I click on a link, the only way I can get it to pop up in a new tab as opposed to a new window is to command-click

2. when I click in the address bar, I have to triple-click to get it to select the entire web address

3. oh man- I forgot! And it seemed so important….Let’s go with random sites not working.   🙂

some more randomness…

Well I am sitting at home with a vicious cold (this is Day 3, and yes I am counting because I hate being sick and I usually end up spending all my sick time sitting around feeling sorry for myself, although this time I have spent some of it re-watching season 7 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so at least it’s been productive).  Since I have a cold, you would think that would have given me time to post earlier, but no. Procrastination takes precedence, people!

Anyway, I had a cool experience last weekend- I went into the perpetual adoration chapel at my church for the first time.  For non-Catholics, I guess it’s a bit of a stretch to understand, but click the link and give it a shot.  For me, it was very moving because it’s really the first time I understood the Eucharist (which is good, since RCIA is drawing to a close…)- I definitely felt a/the Presence (not sure what the right grammar is here), and it was humbling.  Many, many people have told me that participating in adoration is a special experience, and I see why now.  If anyone happens to read this and hasn’t gone, please do, because I can guarantee it will be a powerful experience, even if it is only for a few minutes.

Now, I must go.  “Storyteller” is next in the queue.  The funny awaits!