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buffy youtube goodness…

Well, this is all kinds of awesome.  Buffy (aka the Vampire Slayer) vs. Edward (from Twilight, which I have not seen or read, partly because I am a Buffy fan and partly because I just haven’t gotten around to it what with having to obsessively re-read all the Harry Potter books before the next movie comes out in July).

I wish I could make things as awesome as this.  My current unemployed state might be a good time to learn, although I don’t exactly see this bringing in the dough.


I <3 keyboard cat

…especially when my favorite fake news show hosts take him on:

(sorry, I am not at my computer and Safari is mocking me- can’t embed it or direct link- CURSE YOU SAFARI!)

Did you ever play with My Little Ponies…?

If so, this may be either the most awesome or the most disturbing thing you have ever seen: My Little Pony Trailer

All it needs is Christian Bale or Ewan MacGregor and I’m THERE!

somehow cute and geeky at the same time…

These. Are. Awesome!  Check it out: Star Wars-themed My Little Ponies!  Heehee.

Slave Leia, Luke Skywalker, and my personal favorite….Han Solo in Carbonite.

I first heard about them on the Star Wars Blog and they are too funny to keep to myself.  🙂

Also, I totally played with My Little Ponies as a kid (even though I had real horses, for some reason)- but they would have been even more awesome if they were STAR WARS My Little Ponies!

mental floss strikes again…

…with the Long Live Latin Quiz!  Woohoo!*

Part of the reason I love Latin is because it is such a beautiful and logical language.  I’m also a big fan of Cicero.  Not to mention, as I found out when I took Russian in college, any language that you don’t have to hesitantly stutter out in front of peers and professors is a bonus!

The other reason I love Latin is because the best teacher I ever had was my high school Latin teacher.  When I became a teacher, I contacted him to tell him that, we occasionally communicate via email, and I was really lucky to be invited to his retirement party last year.

He was intelligent, caring, funny, and really tried to get us to like Latin as much as he did.  Amazingly, he did all of this while also being blind.  All of us who were his students have tons of funny and serious stories about him (the time he tried to tell us what he thought we looked like, how he imagined us in his head, which was pretty hysterical, comes to mind), but the thing that I remember most is that he made an effort to know something about every one of us.  He is definitely my biggest influence as a teacher today.

*note: even though I am a total Latin dork, I thought the quiz was kinda hard…some of the phrases were pretty unusual…


I’m not sure how I feel about Twitter.  On one hand, it’s cool- anyone can be informed that you had eggs for breakfast, even before you have finished them.  On one hand- who would care?  Not to mention the vast amount of tweets that get sent from most users.

I signed up over a year ago, followed some people on my phone for a while, then decided I did *not* need to get texts from NPR about the presidential race at any time of day, much less 2 in the morning. (note: I have since figured out how to stop that, but…still….)  I also didn’t send many of my own tweets, wasn’t sure what to say or when to say it (there’s so much to pick from in a day…).  But I was watching the Colbert Report today and he mentioned Twitter, and before I knew it I had frittered away nearly 2 hours messing around on the web.  *sigh*

I guess it could be useful- if you are a true news junkie, for example, and I’ve heard that some college professors use it for their classes- maybe this is one of those things that I need to be a little younger to really “get”?

Anyway, I’ll go ahead with the shameless plug: here I am on Twitter! (also there’s a link on the right of this blog, just scroll down….)

I can’t believe this…

I just saw this on the home page- Nancy Pelosi is ridiculous. First of all, I agree with some of the comments on the CNN site, this reeks of China. Second, “birth control” does not have to mean pumping women full of pills or handing out condoms right and left. It’s entirely possible to affect family size using Natural Family Planning, and NOT have to use chemicals and condoms. Not to mention that it’s NONE of the government’s business.

*edit: while I am still annoyed with Pelosi, shortly after I posted this, it was reported that President Obama, in the throes of common sense, asked the House to remove this portion of the economic stimulus package, and it was.  Still- THE NERVE!!