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camping: pros and cons, or in other words…why?

I have been thinking a lot about camping lately.  The husband and I enjoy camping but unfortunately only have the time and energy to do it about twice a year.  So, I was thinking about WHY we bother so much to go camping at all.

First, what makes it difficult? Could it possibly be the massive amount of organization required (at least in our family)?  The purchasing of camping-specific food like hot dogs, marshmallows, graham crackers, and mountain pie supplies?  The packing of way too many supplies in case of sun/heat/rain/cold/bears/loud campers next to you?  The bug bites (don’t even get me started…I still have scars from the camping trip 3 weeks ago)?  The expense (although through the amazing use of coupons and gift cards, we managed to buy a 3-person tent and some other supplies for $1.57, woo!)?  Not to mention that camping is so complicated that it seems to justify a Wikipedia entry. (What’s next?  A Wikipedia post about socks?)

And then, what about the good?  S’mores! Campfires!  Nature!  Cute little animals!  S’mores!  Relaxation! Hiking!  S’mores!  Hmm…maybe we should just get a fire pit for the backyard and have s’mores at home….?

As I was googling “camping”, just to see if I could find anything extra interesting for this post, I found this.  And it’s “legit”.  As in, The Oregon Trail is NOT just the name of that awesome game I played on the Apple IIe’s in elementary school when my wagon was a series of green lines on a black screen!  It’s a real trail!  Who knew?

To sum it up, for a laugh, check out what the good folks at Stuff White People Like have to say about camping.