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7 Quick Takes

Aaaaaaand, once again, time for the 7 Quick Takes update, brainchild of Jennifer at Conversion Diary.  Sorry I missed last week, but it was kind of crazy around here.

1 – The last time I did this, I posted that I was scheduled to go on a surprise date with my husband.  It turned out to be awesome! It was dinner and a free outdoor concert, and we had a great time.  Weather was perfect and music was great.  In these days of saving money constantly, it was nice to go to a concert, since neither of us has been to one in a while.  In fact, my last concert may have been TWO YEARS ago when I saw Barry Manilow in Las Vegas.  Wow!  That’s frightening….not the Barry Manilow part, cause I really like him (yes, I know…)- but the two years part!

2 – I am a TV addict.  It’s time to admit it.  This week, though, is especially fun for my addiction.  Wil Wheaton guest starred on Leverage, and there is another very funny new episode of Psych lined up for tonight!

3 – I got replies about THREE jobs this week!  Yay!  Nothing concrete yet, but at least some responses finally.  It’s a sad day in the world when a teacher can’t find a job, you know?

4 – We got a new hermit crab.  I have posted about my hermits (or “hermans” as we say in my family) before- we are a little too attached to them, yes, but they are so cute and interesting!  We “rescued” one from a beach shop where they were being kept in a wire cage with no food or water.  Very sad.  However, this herman is very spry and loves to be held- he is not scared of us at all.  He’s also HUGE- bigger than a golf ball (I can’t think of something that size to compare him to).  I don’t have a pic at the moment but will try and post one soon.

5 – I know a lot of people (OK, mostly my husband) who love to mess around with Google Earth.  I myself am a fan of Google Ocean, because I am a marine science teacher, not enough people realize how little we know about the oceans, and Sylvia Earle, my favorite scientist, was involved in creating it.  Anyway, this guy seems to have spent a little *too* much time with Google Earth…

6 – I found this cool song on another blog I read.  I love Taylor Swift (although not in an obsessive teeny-bopper way like 99% of her apparent fans), and this is a neat composition.

7 – Even though I am not a science teacher anymore (and believe me, it is really strange to say that…even stranger than feeling left out this week as my old colleagues went back to school)- I like to keep up with what those crazy scientists are up to.  And Discover magazine is really good for that.  Here’s an example- a wrap up of science last week in various journals.  (And I can really sympathize with poor Mozart, since I had strep throat 4 times last year before I finally had to get my tonsils out.)


is it Friday already?

Well, last week I did 7 Quick Takes for the first time, it was fun, and I figured I would do it again, if only because it gets this blog updated!  Happy Friday all!

1 – I have been meaning to post this anyway: RIP Super Herman.  Super Herman is the second hermit crab we have lost this summer (perhaps the excitement of the wedding was too much for them?).  It has been said by some of my very good friends that we are a little too attached to our hermits and perhaps we should get a dog or a child….well until then, we can’t help but be attached to our little climbing crustaceans!  *sniff*.  I wrote about the hermit crabs here, but since then “Elmo Herman” had become “Super Herman” and looked like this when he passed on:

Super Herman

2 – Going camping soon, YAY!  Hubby and I have not been camping since July 4 of last year, when it rained terribly and we were miserable.  We have a new tent and he has a new sleeping bag, which I might add were both purchased for the TOTAL price of $1.57 due to excellent use of coupons on my part and a gift card on my hubby’s part.

3 – The apartment is now in order!  Also yay.  However, packing for camping has thrown it into another mildly disordered state….sigh.

4 – I hope I don’t jinx it by posting it, but…I did find a teaching job advertised in my discipline this week and of course I applied for it.  We shall see. I didn’t think it would be this difficult finding a job, being a teacher and all.  I still have about a month until school starts here, so I am fairly hopeful still.

5 – This week’s simple pleasure: Rock Band.  My hubby and I have formed a band (it’s called Spores, Molds n Fungus, and that’s a Ghostbusters reference, props to you if you get it) and we are currently on a world tour headed to San Francisco.  If you haven’t played, try it!  It’s fun and even I, as a lifelong woodwind player, can manage the guitar on “medium” difficulty pretty well.  Hubby is a music major, so he is ridiculously talented and can play whatever instrument he wants.  (Although my brother in law is the best Rock Band drumset player I have seen to date.)

6 – Facebook was interesting this week.  One of my favorite priests, Father Leo, who has a mission with a website (Grace Before Meals), and who was one of the priests assisting with our Pre-Cana classes, and who was one of the priests at my confirmation during Easter Vigil 2009 – joined Facebook! Yay!  And I caught up with a lot of old friends via the posting of some more wedding pictures and random coincidences.

7 – Let’s end with something funny.  I found this post a while ago on a new-to-me blog I started reading because of this awesome post entitled “How to Meet and Woo a Nerdy Girl”.  Anyway, the first link is to Nerd Man of the Month for July (btw my next post in the series Hot Men of Science will be making an appearance soon!), Alan Rickman, and it’s priceless, you MUST listen to the Family Guy clip at the end.  “Do not disappoint me...”  It gets me every time!


So, let’s face it, this blog is not nearly as entertaining as I intended.  But, guess what is:  HERMANS!!

“Huh?” you say?  Let me explain…

I own 3 immensely feisty and endlessly entertaining hermit crabs. My boyfriend has taken to calling them, “HERMANS!” (note: this must be said in a loud voice, and with enthusiasm!)

Anyway, these hermans are the cutest things EVER, and we have spent countless hours and dollars researching them, reading about them, outfitting their crabitat, spending money on them, playing with them, and talking to them.

So, please let me introduce the boys:

captain jack herman

captain jack herman

elmo herman

elmo herman

big herman

big herman

Today, all the hermans got a bath, then crawled around in a shoe box covered with paper towels while I cleaned the crabitat. Here’s Elmo and Captain Jack facing off:

Here they are back in the clean crabitat (aka “the little crab shack”)

Elmo herman promptly buried himself inside the Coco Hut (he was a little peeved that I dug him up to give him a bath in the first place):

Then, Big Herman checked out the sponge to get a drink, while Captain Jack climbed back and forth along the side of the cage a couple times:

big herman and sponge

big herman and sponge

captain jack...sneaking up on big herman

captain jack...sneaking up on big herman

getting closer...

getting closer...

you're in my way....!

you're in my way!

…and thus ends today’s HERMAN! update.  🙂