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mental floss strikes again…

…with the Long Live Latin Quiz!  Woohoo!*

Part of the reason I love Latin is because it is such a beautiful and logical language.  I’m also a big fan of Cicero.  Not to mention, as I found out when I took Russian in college, any language that you don’t have to hesitantly stutter out in front of peers and professors is a bonus!

The other reason I love Latin is because the best teacher I ever had was my high school Latin teacher.  When I became a teacher, I contacted him to tell him that, we occasionally communicate via email, and I was really lucky to be invited to his retirement party last year.

He was intelligent, caring, funny, and really tried to get us to like Latin as much as he did.  Amazingly, he did all of this while also being blind.  All of us who were his students have tons of funny and serious stories about him (the time he tried to tell us what he thought we looked like, how he imagined us in his head, which was pretty hysterical, comes to mind), but the thing that I remember most is that he made an effort to know something about every one of us.  He is definitely my biggest influence as a teacher today.

*note: even though I am a total Latin dork, I thought the quiz was kinda hard…some of the phrases were pretty unusual…