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7 Quick Takes Friday: Back to Blogging

…Or, Why I Thought This Might Have Been A Good Idea At The Time.

I thought, to help inspire me to write, that I would use this 7QT to focus on several blogs that I *always* click on when my Google Reader tells me there is a new post.  By default, first on the list is Conversion Diary, where this gem of an idea came from (but I am still going to share 7 more, in no particular order, mind you- because there are so many great blogs out there)!

1- Ask Sister Mary Martha

Sister Mary Martha is a feisty nun who answers reader questions about Catholic teachings and tradition, with a sharp wit and great humor.  I always learn something, and I almost always have a smile on my face after reading (sometimes she does write about serious things, after all).

2- I Have to Sit Down

In one of the internet circles I frequent (Catholic mommy types, if you must know), I have gathered that Simcha Fisher is quite famous. She has a lot of devoted followers and is amazingly snarky, which is why I love her blog.  The post I linked to, however, is a recent thoughtful one that I really liked.

3- Momopoly

This is the blog of Kate Wicker, who has 3 charming little girls and always makes me think with her well-thought-out posts.  She’s a great writer and has many funny/heartwarming mothering anecdotes.

4- wil wheaton: in exile

Yes, I am a geek. I manage to hide it well, mostly (not that I am ashamed or anything, it’s just that I don’t know many fellow geeks anymore and am tired of having to explain that there were more than two Star Trek TV shows, and no, the two that you do know were by far not the best ones, thanks).  Ahem.  Anyway, when I was a teen, Star Trek: The Next Generation was on, and Wesley was on, and did I mention that I was a geeky teenage girl? Instant crush.  So, Wil Wheaton, who played Wesley, is all grown up too (imagine that!) and has a blog.  I don’t share all his interests, but he’s also very funny (I am seeing a trend with my favorite blogs, are you?) and I love his descriptions of and stories about being an actor, since that is something I am completely unfamiliar with.

5- TV Guide Breaking News

This is the online equivalent of a People Magazine subscription, really.  I have an unhealthy addiction to NCIS (from the year when I had strep throat 4 times and got my tonsils out) and Psych, and I will admit that while I scan the headlines looking just for mentions of my favorite shows, I occasionally learn something about what “everyone else” is up to these days- what the kids are watching, who’s in the Superbowl, there’s some new singer called Lady Gaga, etc.

6- The Cloth Diaper Whisperer

I am a recent convert to cloth diapers for my 8 month old.  We have been using them for about a month, and it’s awesome.  And addictive!  I love reading about what everyone else does and likes about cloth, and this is one of my favorites.

7- The Consumerist

This website is somehow related to Consumer Reports, which I love- but I’m not sure how. I think of it like CR’s snarky 2nd cousin- it’s main interest is informing consumers, but they will not pass up even the most bizarre story in the name of saving you from your own stupidity.  Also, funny!


holiday contest!

…no, not from me.  But from a great magazine with a really good website, Faith and Family.  It’s billed as “The magazine and daily blog of Catholic living”, which is pretty accurate.  They have some great bloggers over there that are fun to read.  Both serious and fun topics abound!  I discovered the website first, I don’t know how, then I got the magazine a couple of times in the bookstore.  Both are great, and if they are something you are interested in, please check them out!

As for the contest- they are giving away some really cool items. There are some requirements, so check out this post for details.

time, time, time…

…has really been getting away from me! I have this list of all these things I wanted to post, but they are still in list form.  I have, however, been really productive around the house- making Christmas presents and baking.  Yesterday alone I made pumpkin bread, corn bread, and brownies!  Just because I can!  Today I have to make cookies because my hubby re-enlisted in the Navy today, and we were apparently supposed to feed everyone. Oops.  I blame it on being a new military spouse- there should be a handbook for this stuff!

Anyway, here’s one thing that has been keeping me busy:  I now also blog over at Blue Star Families, under the name of “proud navy spouse” (partly ’cause I haven’t been able to figure out how to get it to say my name- I am new, after all).  Here is a link to my latest post, and look for another one to come soon.

And, just because it’s what I do- here is yet another cool thing I found on the web.  “Bobby McFerrin makes a keyboard out of people.”  (For those of you who were wondering what he’s been up to…)


both the scientist and the 12-year-old in me love this…

…video which I found from Science Blogs, which I thought was too silly to post on my science blog, and too strange for my Facebook page where my little nephews might see it.  It originally appeared on yet another blog under the label, “You are being shagged by a rare parrot.”  Consider yourself warned, and about to laugh your head off.

Please note that if you click through to the original YouTube link there are some very inappropriate comments, as you can imagine.  But the video itself is just (bizarre) nature in action.

random bits…and indignation

First, I have gotten myself all fired up by writing a quick review of a book I just read.  It was supposed to be about the legend of the origin of the Assateague Island wild ponies, and it was so not.  My review is on LibraryThing.  Consider it a PSA for those who want to know about these ponies and might mistakenly pick up this book thinking it has some useful information.

Second, I have run across some real gems on the web lately and would like to share.

In the category of cool science:

– A woman is pregnant.  Two times, two babies in one womb.  It’s just that they were conceived 2 weeks apart!  Cool huh?

– Here’s a nice post from the Marine Life Encounters Blog. Video and pictures of a recent dive in Bonaire.  So neat.  Particularly the flounder spawning, especially if you have never seen how they swim.

In the category of What Were They Thinking When They Came Up With That Title?:

– I love Discover magazine and their blogs, which dispense science in bite-sized bits for those of us too lazy/too busy/too poor to read journals, but come on.  This title caught my eye (of course!): Jell-O Shots in Adolescence Lead to Gambling Later in Life.  Weird, huh?  Well, all it is is a synopsis of a study showing that rats who consume alcohol at an early age display more risk-prone behavior than those that don’t.  First: DUH, and second: Why not just say that?  The more you make science appear deceptive, the more people don’t understand it, don’t want to fund it, and ignore it at their own peril.  Sigh.

In the category of Yet Another Cool Thing on You Tube that Applies to only a Small Portion of the Population, aka nerds:

– Here is a video of some guys singing.  Trust me, it’s cool.  If I type what it really is, you probably won’t click.  Just give it a chance.  🙂

7 Quick Takes: Sept. 25

Wow, it’s been a while since I updated the blog!  My apologies to my regular reader.

I will do my 7 quick takes courtesy of Jennifer at Conversion Diary, then if I have any other random thoughts I might do TWO posts! Wow!

1 – I now have a job!  Yay!  For those not in the know, I have been searching for a job since May, when I knew I was moving to this area.  Since MAY.  NO BITES.  And I am a TEACHER, people.  A good, experienced one.  Yikes!  Anyway, I now have a part time job in environmental education, which as of this moment, is exactly what I want and need.  Hooray!  (Side note: dealing with the Unemployment Office is decidedly unpleasant.  I recommend against it if at all possible.  As it is, they have told me that “moving to a different state to be with my new husband” is not a good reason to quit a perfectly good job that I already had and too bad that I can’t find a new one.  ARGH!)

2 – My husband and I are still getting settled in our new digs, and one of our missions is to get out more. I mean, you can only play Rock Band so many times (see #3).  And when I saw a commercial for this on TV, I knew I had to go!  I mean, Star Wars – live music – movie props – movie clips: any ONE of those phrases is a reason to get off the couch.

3 – As I documented our longing for Beatles: Rock Band on Facebook, we decided to just get the darn thing.  We are spending money very carefully these days, but we saved for it and ate ramen noodles for 2 weeks.  Just kidding about the noodles!  It’s an awesome game, in case you were wondering.  We are fans of the original Rock Band, but don’t know many of the songs (I believe I’ve mentioned my Manilow handicap before)- and not only do we know almost all the songs here, I find them significantly easier to play on guitar than the original game.  Don’t know if that has to do with the Beatles writing style or something, but we beat the game after only 2-3 playing sessions and only had to take that long because we were tired and needed to get some sleep.

4 – If I was living in my hometown, I would be welcoming fall right now. Here at the beach, it’s still summer weather.  It’s weird.  I really want to get out the jeans and long sleeved t-shirts, but unless I want to swelter it’s no go.

5 – The fall TV season has started! Yay!  I watch *much* less than I used to, now that I have a husband and a life and all, but I still live for Tuesdays (now there are TWO NCIS shows!).  Lately I have also been into Bones and the Biggest Loser.  Unfortunately, all my friends and family have radically different tastes in TV and no 2 of us usually watch the same shows, so if I want to discuss them or squee about some fangirl moment, I have to resort to the internet.

6 – Despite the fact that I haven’t posted in forever, I appear to be running out of things to say!  Those who know me are shocked.  So I will end with a couple funny things I saw on the web recently.  First is this quiz from Mental Floss: Celebrity Baby Name or Computer Virus?  hehe.

7 – I am not a Dan Brown fan- I did read the Da Vinci Code back in the day just out of curiosity, but was unimpressed, and now that I am more aware of his staggeringly uninformed writing style, I am even less impressed.  So, this list of his “20 Worst Sentences” is pretty amusing, whether you have read his books or not.

7 Quick Takes

Aaaaaaand, once again, time for the 7 Quick Takes update, brainchild of Jennifer at Conversion Diary.  Sorry I missed last week, but it was kind of crazy around here.

1 – The last time I did this, I posted that I was scheduled to go on a surprise date with my husband.  It turned out to be awesome! It was dinner and a free outdoor concert, and we had a great time.  Weather was perfect and music was great.  In these days of saving money constantly, it was nice to go to a concert, since neither of us has been to one in a while.  In fact, my last concert may have been TWO YEARS ago when I saw Barry Manilow in Las Vegas.  Wow!  That’s frightening….not the Barry Manilow part, cause I really like him (yes, I know…)- but the two years part!

2 – I am a TV addict.  It’s time to admit it.  This week, though, is especially fun for my addiction.  Wil Wheaton guest starred on Leverage, and there is another very funny new episode of Psych lined up for tonight!

3 – I got replies about THREE jobs this week!  Yay!  Nothing concrete yet, but at least some responses finally.  It’s a sad day in the world when a teacher can’t find a job, you know?

4 – We got a new hermit crab.  I have posted about my hermits (or “hermans” as we say in my family) before- we are a little too attached to them, yes, but they are so cute and interesting!  We “rescued” one from a beach shop where they were being kept in a wire cage with no food or water.  Very sad.  However, this herman is very spry and loves to be held- he is not scared of us at all.  He’s also HUGE- bigger than a golf ball (I can’t think of something that size to compare him to).  I don’t have a pic at the moment but will try and post one soon.

5 – I know a lot of people (OK, mostly my husband) who love to mess around with Google Earth.  I myself am a fan of Google Ocean, because I am a marine science teacher, not enough people realize how little we know about the oceans, and Sylvia Earle, my favorite scientist, was involved in creating it.  Anyway, this guy seems to have spent a little *too* much time with Google Earth…

6 – I found this cool song on another blog I read.  I love Taylor Swift (although not in an obsessive teeny-bopper way like 99% of her apparent fans), and this is a neat composition.

7 – Even though I am not a science teacher anymore (and believe me, it is really strange to say that…even stranger than feeling left out this week as my old colleagues went back to school)- I like to keep up with what those crazy scientists are up to.  And Discover magazine is really good for that.  Here’s an example- a wrap up of science last week in various journals.  (And I can really sympathize with poor Mozart, since I had strep throat 4 times last year before I finally had to get my tonsils out.)